Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mae and Her Tulips-2006

Surprisingly, Mae and Her Tulips became a favourite among many when it first appeared in the 2007 esh Calendar (May). This is a positive/negative study at it's best... and the illustration commands the feel one gets when the sun is higher in the sky and the ground becomes awash in floral colour. Of course there is no colour in the drawing, but you do see it, don't you? Yup, Mae was included in the Speakeasy Illustration Show... Gladstone Hotel... Toronto...

Boat in the Grass-2004

Ever feel like you are a boat in the grass waiting to be used as intended? Welcome to my life. Introduced in the 2005 esh Calendar (September), this illustration found itself a part of the 2008 Speakeasy Illustration Show at the Gladstone Hotel, Toronto.